All Hazard Supplies is a veteran owned and operated company focused on disaster preparedness, and survivability. Our mission is to prepare as many people as possible for when disaster strikes. In an interview, All Hazard Supplies founder, James Fox stated “America is not prepared for disaster when it strikes.” He spent half his military career training, planning for and reacting to disasters around the United States. During his career, he worked with some of the most knowledgeable Department of Defense, federal and state first responders across the country. He was a member of a small team that supported the local first responders at two Olympics, a Super Bowls, a World Series to mention a few. He also responded to the anthrax scares in Los Angeles, and Mother Nature’s fury such as fires, floods and major storms. What he realized was first responders cannot do it all. Local citizens need to be better prepared to cope in the first 72 hours. This is the fundamental idea behind All Hazard Supplies. To help America and people around the world prepared for the next major disaster. 

We at All Hazard Supplies will accomplish our mission by offering free access to our checklists, and tools to help create your disaster preparedness plan. We will pass on the tips and tricks learned over the years and then we will give you access too many of the products at cost savings prices. Whether you buy from us or someone else, you will be one step closer to being prepared. This alone will save lives and keep us all safer.

So let’s get started and pass the word. The world is a big place and we have a lot of families to help.


Thank you, 

Management team at All Hazard Supplies

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